Friday, 4 February 2011

Etsybloggers, Feel The Cold...? Not When Hooping at Sacred Stones!

So this Christmas Day just gone, we decided to take a break from normal Christmas routines... and decided to visit the nearest stone circle to Bristol, Stanton Drew. Having done a series of Christmas Markets in snow, minus degrees and general blizzard conditions, we were prepared... the snow lay about a foot thick, and we crunched over it in the field, made so silent from the freeze - a family all dressed in red vanished quickly, leaving us alone with each other and a herd of cows.

White and pristine snow lay all around and stretched out as far as the eye could see. It was just the four of us - me, Pig, Tess and Chris, Pigs rents. We walked across the fields, visiting each circle in turn, saving the biggest for last. Pig and I took our hoops of course, and for some reason Pig also decided to take his bongo. Yes, we looked completely mad, like some strange mini travelling circus... It was brilliant! And anyway all totally worth it to have hoop in the snow amongst the stones, whilst Pig bongoed at me...

There's something magical about stone circles. We're having our handfasting on one this year, amongst a valley of rocks in a beautiful campsite... but hey, that's another blog! To me, its amazing that the three biggest circles in Britain are practically next door to us here in Bristol, which is such a magical, vibrant, amazingly alive place- Avebury, Stonehenge and Stanton Drew is the third largest stone circle in the UK - and it's practically next door. Barely anyone knows about it, or so it seems... click on the link below to check out some history and information about them and see more pictures too if you're interested....

We have a thing about stone circles. Ever since visiting Stonehenge at Winter Solstice several years ago and falling in love with the stones and the patterns so deeply etched on them, the lichen growing in whorls and curls, feeling the energy coming from within them with my bare hands, I've been obsessed. So this was a perfect Christmas Day outing for us, especially as we're not at all religious or overfond of mass consumerism on the high street in its favour. We do spiritual, crystals, energy and handmade, yeah! 

The walk was a total success, snow included! As you can see, Pig and I were snuggled up lush in our big woolly coats, all hoods and hats and gloves... it was quite difficult trying to hoop in lots of layers!! Tess and Chris have decided that a walk is just the thing to do on Christmas Day now - they have extravagant plans to climb a truly massive hill nearby (we'll be in Greece - I think that's a bit of a relief, cats don't like climbing hills as much as walking round stones...)

The stones are beautiful and magnificent and ancient - well worth a visit. I have to say though that our visit there was truly magical. Silent and empty with a thick, soft blanket of the best snowfall I've ever seen at Christmas - not something easily repeated!

We finished off with a cider down the local pub - and then home for champagne and dinner and presents! The best Christmas Day I've had in a long time, and it was the cold that made it!
the family and the stones


  1. wonderful photos! sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Your joy on this special day comes through loud and clear. I can't imagine Hula hooping in the snow with a big winter coat on. Well, let's be clear...I can't imagine doing it without a coat, either. But I sure wish I was nimble enough to do so! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  3. Wow. This post was magical! (I found your blog through EtsyBloggers.) It does sound like a fantastic time that you had - I need to get out and do something physical with my family soon! It's been icy where I am so we stay indoors for so many months. It's lucky, too that you have historical sites nearby to visit - the natural locations that have been singled out for hundreds of years definitely have some magic to them.