Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk!: Exciting Times at the Bag Folk camp

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk!: Exciting Times at the Bag Folk camp: "It's a marvellous occasion indeed when you collect a box filled with 3,000 of the most gorgeous flyers for a really exciting new event, huh!..."

Monday, 25 April 2011

whoop! we're going on adventures :)

Hello lovelies, spiralites and happy peoples of the world... Mercury went direct on Saturday and boy has it made a difference to our world! For those of you not in the astrological know, Mercury - the planet, that is - is the mischief maker and ruler of communications, and it's been retrograde for nearly a whole month. It does that 3 times a year. Retrograde is when from our earth's eye point of view, it looks like it's a-travellin backwards.... so obstacles, miscommunications, waiting waiting waiting, no progress... and then, bang! It turns direct and everything that's been piling up waiting to happen, happens all at once!!

Sooo... big news at Innerspiral Studio camp. We are pleased and excited to announce that our felt making workshop will be taking place at the following events (in chronological order)

  • The Beltane Buzz This is a really cool little private party/beginning of season mini festival and we will be taking not only our full set up with our tent and felt making workshop but we will also be there with our stall and our hula hoop cart workshop party (see our sister blog, pixiehoopsound, for more details on that). It's on the west coast of Wales, a mega drive away, but we don't mind. We really wanted to celebrate Beltane in style and then, magically, along pops this with Beltane in the very name... magick is a real thing! If anyone wants to come tickets are only £35 each, the setting sounds idyllic and it's right next to the beach.... yeah... and the weather is sweeeeeeeet.... We will be going on Friday 29th April in the evening until Sunday the 1st of May... we would stay longer but our next event is the very next day...

  • St Werburgs City Farm, Boiling Wells site, is having a May Day Celebration on Monday 2nd May. We will be there from 12pm - 5pm running our Drop In Dredds making workshop for the first part and taking bookings for Book In Bowls later in the day. Come and take part for FREE! Go to for more information. Felting all Mayday, yay!
  • We will also be running Drop In Dredds, Book In Bowls and Mini Hats workshops at the Malcolm X Centre in St Pauls as part of our involvement with the Montpelier Arts Trail. We will also be exhibiting our wares including some of our more fun and interesting crochet and felt creations as well as the Pattern Exhibtion 2:0 including screenprints and original felt pattern art. Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May.

  • GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL!! GREENFIELDS GREENCRAFTS FIELD!! Wednesday 22nd - Sunday 26th June * yay yay yay * do a dance woo hoo....* Whoops sorry I think I got a bit over excited there! Amazingly enough, our application to run our felt making workshop in the Greenfields has been accepted. That makes us two very chuffed pigs and cats. We will be there all week long, right next door to the stone circle, demonstrating our felt making, drop spindling and crochet and running our felt making workshops.... including mini hats making of course as a festival would not be complete without it :) everyone should have a mini top hat! We will totally have our stall up as well, cos we can, and especially as we found such a great vibe with our stuff at Glastonbury Town Hall market yesterday :))

So there you go, mercury turned around and gave us lots of good news all at once! We will hopefully be running our felt making workshops at the Easton Arts Trail too, at our Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk event at the Greenbank Pub over 18th and 19th June just before Glasto, watch this space... Until then we've got our first Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk festival market running on Saturday 14th May... it's going to be really fun with loads of festival style vibes and wares, so come along and cider it up with us lol just don't get it on our stock init ;) There will be some wicked DJ's on in the evening to make it a proper fat party including our very own DJ Trott :) hooray! and for more info on these little beauties :) See you there dudes! Cat out!xxxx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Long time no post.... but we've been busy

Well well its been a while since our last proper post and lots has been going on. We have been dyeing, spinning, felting, crocheting and gardening. on top of that we have been organising an event called 'the fabulous traveling bag folk' which is an artisan market with entertainment on the side at the greenbank pub in easton on the 14th of may :) its going to be great! it will have music, DJ's, bearded lady competitions, walkabout performance and of course a really varied and cool handmade market --- for more info see

flyer side one
Flyer side two

We have redesigned our market stall and have gone 'POST TABLE' well we still use small tables but our big tables have gone and we have made a display that customers can walk into and get involved, without feeling like two hippies are staring at them from behind the table.

This is our stall at the Colston hall for the made in bristol spring market on the Sunday. The market did not go very well as hardly any customers turned up. This was a shame but at least it made us redesign the stall. We think it looks loads better now.

Our garden is in full swing and our salad is already feeding us :) I have been digging the veg patch back into existence as it had loads of tree roots running through it. Since then we have planted potatoes, carrots, lettuce, parsnips, onions, garlic, spinach, broccoli and peas out into it. we still have a lot more to go in its very exciting :)

These are the seedlings in the greenhouse 

This is the Veg patch with the first plants in

We have also been painting fiber and using our new steamer to set the dye. this has given much better results. The colour is much easier to control and the transitions of colours look great. I have developed a new load of yarn using these colours. The yarns are approx 100meters long and 10 wpi which gives enough yarn for a nice hat or cowl


The felt cat has been making a felt scarf out of silk and Falklands wool dyed with the above technique.  the pic is of the scarf being laid out. The finished product looks great and it will be on our next market. Yes yes the next market is in Glastonbury woo :) our first time at west country craft fairs :) lets hope they like hand made goodies !!!

anyways take care all you friendly craft a holics and catch you all soon

Woolly PIG