Monday, 23 May 2011

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk!: One hell of a success

The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk!: One hell of a success: "The Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk filled the Greenbank with bunting, festive music and a wide variety of superb stalls. But it was the st..."

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The bank holiday adventures of innerspiral

We have been off on the road this weekend on a non stop adventure!

First we went to a lovely festival in wales called the Beltane Buzz. We were mainly doing hula hoops with our sister company (Pixiehoopsound) but squeezed in a felt workshop on the Sunday and we also had up a cut down version of our stall.
The festival was near St Davids on the west coast of Wales. A proper trek from Bristol! The campsite that was hosting the event was called Celtic Camping and we were right on the Celtic sea. It was gert lush, such a beautiful place... we might go there again just for our own sake. But anyway...
The party was great with some brilliant music and a good vibe all weekend. We had some resident hoopers by the end of the weekend who seemed to be hooping from the word go untill we packed up, and we had a great response to the felt workshop with lots of felt dredds being made and also some very nice felt bowls too.

We also have one injury to report..... Zara mannaged to fall backwards out of the van and scrapped her leg on the way which resulted in her being bound to a seat for most of the day :( luckily after the yoga on Sunday morning she felt a lot better and was back to her normal self! (Cat says - ohmygosh I never thought I could do yoga 'til I did it with Kalavathi... it was an awesome experience and blatantly healed my leg! give me more!)

Damage to the felt cat miaow!

After a good party on the Sunday we were up at 5.30am on the Monday bank holiday racing back to Bristol at 55mph (our vans preferred speed) to get to St Werburgs City Farm Mayday celebration at Boiling Wells, which is stunningly beautiful. We were there to provide a felt making workshop for the event. This proved to be absolutely brilliant with a real country feel in the middle of Bristol. The community around St Werburgs farm is very friendly and they loved the felt. Lots of parents and children joined in and we were non stop from start to finish. We had a star felter of the day who picked up the felt vibe very quickly. He was so keen that Zara did a special bowl making workshop with him on the side whilst I did dreadds with everyone else.

Making felt dredds

getting involved with the felt solution

our felt KING of the day 

By the end of the Monday we were very tired but we stayed to watch the maypole dance and the fire. We were standing in the crowd as Martin the storyteller was talking about lighting the fire... then he said he needed to chose a couple to be the lord and lady of may who would light the fire. He asked if anyone was getting married this year, me and Za put our hands up (Yes its true 2nd of September :) and got picked out of the crowd... before we knew it we were given reefs to put on our heads and a burning torch in our hands and instructed to light the wicker dragon. Oh yeh! We got to set it on fire! Lucky us!! What a great end to a fab bank holiday adventure!!!!! Sadly, we didn't manage to get a picture of the dragon before or after it became a glorious fire, but we just about managed to get one of the ashes....

us next to the ashes of the wicker dragon

If you want to catch us out and about put these dates in your diary

This weekend is the Montpelier arts trail! We will be at the Malcolm X centre in St Pauls. We will be running our felt making workshop and also exhibiting our work on Saturday and Sunday. Check out for more details.

Saturday the 14th of May is the our first ever market that we have organised at the Greenbank pub in Easton called the Fabulous Travelling Bag Folk! Be there for festival style stalls and entertainment from 1pm till 2am :) see
also and

Bye for now

Woolly PIG!!!!!


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