Thursday, 21 April 2011

Long time no post.... but we've been busy

Well well its been a while since our last proper post and lots has been going on. We have been dyeing, spinning, felting, crocheting and gardening. on top of that we have been organising an event called 'the fabulous traveling bag folk' which is an artisan market with entertainment on the side at the greenbank pub in easton on the 14th of may :) its going to be great! it will have music, DJ's, bearded lady competitions, walkabout performance and of course a really varied and cool handmade market --- for more info see

flyer side one
Flyer side two

We have redesigned our market stall and have gone 'POST TABLE' well we still use small tables but our big tables have gone and we have made a display that customers can walk into and get involved, without feeling like two hippies are staring at them from behind the table.

This is our stall at the Colston hall for the made in bristol spring market on the Sunday. The market did not go very well as hardly any customers turned up. This was a shame but at least it made us redesign the stall. We think it looks loads better now.

Our garden is in full swing and our salad is already feeding us :) I have been digging the veg patch back into existence as it had loads of tree roots running through it. Since then we have planted potatoes, carrots, lettuce, parsnips, onions, garlic, spinach, broccoli and peas out into it. we still have a lot more to go in its very exciting :)

These are the seedlings in the greenhouse 

This is the Veg patch with the first plants in

We have also been painting fiber and using our new steamer to set the dye. this has given much better results. The colour is much easier to control and the transitions of colours look great. I have developed a new load of yarn using these colours. The yarns are approx 100meters long and 10 wpi which gives enough yarn for a nice hat or cowl


The felt cat has been making a felt scarf out of silk and Falklands wool dyed with the above technique.  the pic is of the scarf being laid out. The finished product looks great and it will be on our next market. Yes yes the next market is in Glastonbury woo :) our first time at west country craft fairs :) lets hope they like hand made goodies !!!

anyways take care all you friendly craft a holics and catch you all soon

Woolly PIG

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