Monday, 7 February 2011

Bread, felt yarn n ting

Hellooooo Woolly PIG here with a squeak and an oink to gossip some good vibes to you.

Today i made my first ever sour dough bread :)

It has been a long process making this bread as its not made using quick yeast, i had to feed my starter and leave the dough to rise for about 6 hrs knocking it back each hour but i got there in the end. It turned out a bit flat :( but hey im still learning this skill. The good news is that when Babylon comes crashing down and there are no more plastic bags and no more supermarkets I will be sitting there in an overgrown wheat field eating my sour dough and loving it even if it is a bit flat. obviously i would need to find the ingredients and power for an oven (cat says no duh build a clay oven, outside, yeh! :) but hey at least i will be able to make the bread once i find the rest.... well enough of my fantasy world how about a taste of innerspiral over the last few days.

Its been well yarn and felt tastic. We have been making loads of pre felt. Za used all her old prefelt mking loads of flowers for the next market ( Christmas steps artisan market on the 12th of feb! facebook it so it was about time to make some more. At the same time i made some prefelt to make inlays for a secret project (dads late birthday pressi) this will be felted into a background layer to make a nice sign for their yacht.

On the left are my new mini
creations..... Mini crocheted hanging mushrooms :) im making lots out of different types of handspun yarn. They are magical........ but not in that way before you get your hopes up.

Also i have been spinning up a few new yarns. the one pictures on the right here is a self striping aran weight single made using black falkland as a base and then using different colours of merino to create the stipes. it goes from purple to deep blue to teal to light blue and all the way back to purple again. The colours always fade between each other before becoming the new colour. its about 180 grams on the bobin and fairly long. I am quite pleased with it :)

Today i have been baking and continuing spinning my black shetland and silk topps that i bought from the spinning weal in clevedon. The first bobbin is now finished and i am going to spin the rest ready for the market on saturday so someone can purchase all 200grams if they so desire.

Black shetland and silk (left) Black Falkland and white merino (right)
Also i am spinning a combo of black falkland and white merino single to make a few more cowl's out of. this is a great combo as they are next to face soft fibers and totally natural colours. I like making nice natural combos where possible.

Cat brains is also making mixed media cards ready for the market. They are an alternative to sloppy valentines day cards. made using handmade felt cut outs and stamps on card.

Also she is getting well involved in various paisley patterns and is currently drawing paisley pattern hippy pattern

Thats all for now me gurt lush lovers! if you wana listen to some sick mix check out this link to the Darkitect on soundcloud

This mix keeps us crafting until the early hours appropriately titled AntiSleepDevice..... Good stuff mate keep them mixes coming (cat says, whoop!¬)

Peace and love with Trinergy on top!!!!! Woolly Pig signing out


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