Friday, 4 February 2011

New Studio, New life...... Year of the Fluffy Rabbit

Hello out there all spiralites....... we are beaming out these messages from our new studio, we have only just finished moving it to Nailsea, its well chilled out!

We have just managed to start creating things again and are loving the crafts like never before!

Cat face has made some new prefelt with Sari Silk added and felted into the merino base. She is now making many flowers to put on things, like fasinators, brooches, hair clips, dreads etc. so expect some new exciting flower action on Etsy soon....

Pig brains (Me, by nature not size i am told) have been spinning up loads of black welsh and grey jacobs tops, into a double ply chunky yarn. I then created a new style of bag (new style for me anyway) using Crochet. 

Here are a few new pics. I have been playing around with photo techniques. Using light and a white background i am taking pics inside working towards a standard style for our etsy pictures. We have a new full spectrum bulb on the way. We are going to set up a mini photo area in the studio, put some reflectors up and hope for the best. Then play with camera setting....   THE joy :)

This is the Cats new felt neck piece!

A nice felt flower being created, check out the sari silk patterns yum!

Photos of the unicorn yarn listed on our etsy site

More pics of unicorn yarn using new photo style!

Anyway its getting late now so im gonna call it a night, just wanted to post a quick blog :) hope the year of the rabbit its going well for all of you out there. Its brought about some interesting changes for us here at innerspiral but all seems to be going well. Can the magic rabbit bring me drum carders, merino fleece and acid dyes please. Thanks x

Trinergy YER

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  1. Awesome, I love the idea of having a permanent little photo booth set up, and those pictures are brill! Sounds like your settling in nicely. x