Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Bristol Creative Massive

Time to get the ball rolling, methinks.... so many of us all creating such gorgeous stuff - and all of us different yet complementary, exciting, diverse and utterly original! And of course, all of us Bristolians! Yet, so many of us struggling just to get seen or heard. So, now is the time my friends, when we shall all work together and promote one another. There will be quite a lot of online work initially, but it will pay off in more exposure. We (As in Innerspiral) have just been promoted to etsybloggers which means our site will soon be potentially seen by over 350 people a month... and we shall link our site in to your others....

Here is my plan:
1 - I shall begin a new blog called The Bristol Creative Massive, and message privately those involved the login details.
2 - on that blog, we shall begin by posting as many of our own links each as we have
3 - we shall then, all of us, click on each others links and make ourselves useful, ie follow a blog, leave a comment, favourite a website, tweet and facebook links... any action you can think of, is good
4 - anyone who has a business website or blog should link into the new one for The Bristol Creative Massive (hereafter the BCM ! ) and add as many of the partakers as 'friends' as possible - links, connections, networks!!
5 - If you're not already on twitter or flickr and you fancy joining to big it up to a wider audience, or any other social networking site, then go for it! Then post on the blog to let us all know.

This is just for getting going people! We can do anything if we work together. Power in numbers - the hardest part is just getting started...once the ball is rolling it will pick up speed....Any one with any ideas, post them on here too. I don't want to be a leader, I'm just a firestarter, this belongs to all of us xx

ooooh, ooh, we need a logo, who's good at that?x


  1. This is great Zara, really giving us a kick up the ass! I was thinking maybe we shoud get in touch with the trinity church or somewhere like that, and set a day in spring/summer to have our own market day! we can run a few events/workshops or something and also meet each other which would be nice! I'm really liking this idea and can't wait to see how it works on. xxxx

  2. luna that is pretty much exactly what I was thinking, except I was thinking, can we make it a carnival circus style fantabulosa , you know... we are hula hoopers too and know a few circus folk, plus janet tinkers blokie runs some duvet vous shennanigans... lets make it happen! its like Captain Planet or something, together we are a new thing! um, so long as you know what I'm chatting about with captain planet, i might be alone there... ;)

  3. totally well done, good ideas etc :) !!!! i am also in need of a sharp booty on the botty xx
    jenny (stitch-ink)

  4. Lol of course I know what your on about! I used to love Captain Planet :) circus carnival sounds like an amazing plan, it can be like a bazaar! Oh i'm excited! We could even think of setting it up in a few different venues throughout like 'the travelling freefolk market'

  5. Morning!
    I'm up very early due to insomnia!
    Tried to post 2messages last night, they seem to have been lost in the ether!
    Just as well as I was ranting and probably made no sense!
    Yes, lets set a date to organise our first event!
    I'm totally up for making it a circus style soiree! March 21st ish seems a perfect date, spring time and new beginnings.
    My fella, Ned is part of Duvet Vous, funky house night, he's up for DJing and I'm sure Del aka Bonnie Wrongford and the wrongtourage would be up for some shenanigans! Also Rose Popay is an artist and performer. (all been added to BCM Facebook page.) I reckon between us we can get every creative performer etc in Bristol involved!
    I would like to arrange another face to face meeting to develop ideas further! Up for it, anyone????!
    Very excited!

  6. Oh my gosh, this is amazing... yes we need to have a face to face meeting soon, all of us... I am going to start the blog and let folks know then we will all have a proper forum to communicate on. I like the sound of March 21st... Spring Equinox!
    Does anyone have a venue for a meeting? I can't offer my house anymore cos we're in nailsea, a bit far out of briz for most x

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  9. ok everyone! who's up for a face to face meeting with cake at Tenderfoot on the evening of Wednesday the 2nd of Feb? If not that date, say when you can make it x x think we need to mete up and talk before any more plans are hatched, we need to think about how we will fund a venue :))!!x