Wednesday, 5 January 2011

hippy camp decamped

So, today has been a busy old day. Stranded in the backwaters of nailsea, waiting for Fattie to undergo reconstructive brake surgery (hyper-important) we have been trying to get back on it. More easily said than done! No sunshine – barely any daylight at all today, so pretty much almost impossible to get photographing done. Got enough though to list some stuff and now there are 23 items for sale in our etsy shop! And quite a lot of etsy renovation took place too. Learning, learning….

Still trying to be healthy and stuff but why is so hard? Keep getting so hungry!

Pig made 3 and a half bobbins of yarn today. Go pig! Finished the pixie yarn, created new Beetlejuice yarn, and new ice cream single, as yet un-named but with photo’s as you can see! Also got new i-pod (Christmas present) working with block rocker…also in pics. Its for Wanda the hoop cart. We robbed all the parents music so been creating to live pink floyd, led zep and eric clapton.Wicked! All the cats dreams came true when we were listening to the live version of dark side of the moon.... epic

Lots of plans for cowls and hats and more felt and felted jewllery and who knows what else... just waiting for our new mannequin to turn up (hopefully tomorrow) she looks like she'll be pretty good. Who knows, maybe tomoro we'll have some luck and we will have a double whammy of sunshine and mannequin and we can have a photographic ball! Then the listing will really begin!!

Will have to give mannequin a name. Getting her a wig so can photograph hair clips and fascinators better. Linda? Maggie? Cassie? Something like that, everything gets names round these here parts! We got fattie the van, herbert the heater, wanda the hoop cart and a whole load of hoops with names (such as Emily and Eric )

Yes we know we're weird.... we relish it! We revel in it! You like it :)

Working on the premise that clearing out and getting rid of all your old stuff releases your energies, frees you up and makes you lighter so first things to go were all the things for the mini we don't even have any more, next the fish tanks... then all the clothes, books, cd's, dvd's, random assorted stuff and general hippy tatt is all on its way out, whatever we can sell we will to raise funds for making fattie so fat, everything else will go in a historically massive swap/giveaway that we are going to organise soon! Can't wait! We've gotta lighten the load if we want to be massve hippy van dwellers living on our wits and our crafts and our hoops at festivals.

 Is it too boring to call new yarn forest? Think it sounds good. It will look lush as a cowl we reckon! Mioaw.

Here's the spinning wheel of joy, Frankly surprised that it has lasted this long without turning psychedelic mad colours and patterns... well, it won't take long!!

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