Sunday, 2 January 2011

its a whole new world...

Or its trying to be, in any case. This is our first blog (well our second actually, this is the sister blog to Pixiehoopsound, also begun today - if you're interested)

So today, post Solstice, post Christmas, post New Year - oh the holidays we so longed for are finally over! Thanks be! It was fun, but we've had enough. My body is punishing me right now for having been so indulgent, I got mild flu with an annoying little cough and a definite bulge in my belly. No more meat, sugar, booze for this cat til Jan is well over and that is that! Especially after reading all this mad info I found today on enzymes and raw food, man, we been organicatarians for a long time now but this stuff just blew my tiny little mind...

So there is a new grand plan! We passed our first module with what we feel was quite high success, so now we must move onto making it work in real time - crafting is for life not just for christmas! We learnt so much from doing the Christmas markets and met some really brilliant characters, amazing people, and got connected but we found in the reality of it all that generic town centre markets run by the council just aint for us! Yeah, its really busy - with people going to work, going for coffee, going for lunch, going home... not with people who are really trying to seek out one of a kind, quality handmade goods that revive traditional crafts with a modern day twist... nope, generic tatt wins the day so.... thats why you do specialised craft markets, stoopid! Lesson Learnt. Ding!

Lots of factors in the master plan for world domination as Jenny put it ;) GOT to get our photo's looking good on Etsy, number one on the list. Oh and actually listing all our lovely things helps too. Blimey and gosh but listing does take time... its so worth it though! Being part of the international craft community, quite frankly, gives me thrills :)

So its the last day of the holidays today and everyone's back at work tomoro - luckily for us, we work for ourselves. Uh, unluckily this sometimes means working 4 times harder for 4 times less money, but I'd still rather do it than be in an office being bored and annoyed and frustrated... being poor is fun! No really, it actually is, to a certain extent, you get extremely inventive and very grateful for little things ;) but we've got to get financially viable this year.... we're getting married in 8 months! HURRAY!

Pig is spinning a rather tasty bit of yarn, single ply on the special technique in naturally coloured fleece, as I chatter away to myself on this blog. I haven't quite the energy for felting tonight unfortuantely, still ill, and ever so confused (why do I keep forgetting things? Darn mind fog!) Trying to get to get grips with all this screen stuff, blogs, twitter, facebook, email, ebay... its a whole new virtual world out there.


  1. Hello, Janet Tinker here,

    Just read your blog. You are both very inspiring!
    Look forward to meeting up at your tea party and sharing ideas for world domination! (well I'd be happy to make a living from being creative and working for my self first!)

    Lots of creative love xxx

  2. Thanks Tinker! Ditto to you... the tea party is going to be good I can feel it in my bones... enough heads enough creativity all focused on the same ideal can only produce positive results. We have lots of ideas! How about a carnival market, for one!
    Positive creative vibrations to you lady xxx